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Spaces introduce a new layer in that helps you provide a channel-specific context for your content. No more juggling multiple websites in separate projects and thus creating unwanted silos. See how spaces add the missing piece to the headless puzzle.

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    Make space for a multi-site solution

    What are the main benefits you get with spaces?

    • Add context to your channel-specific content – one space equals one website or a different channel.
    • Manage multiple websites under one project for easier content reuse.
    • As each space comes with its own Web Spotlight and preview, your editors can preview the content of each website separately.

    Where do spaces fit in your project?

    Let's first explain how spaces fit into the architecture.

    • You can have multiple spaces per project. One space can equal one website or a different channel. Check out our pricing to find out the details.
    • Define space domains to set up multiple previews in your project.
    • Each space can have its Web Spotlight tree with a dedicated Web Spotlight root item.
    • So far, spaces have no relationship with collections.
    • To manage spaces, you need the Manage spaces role permission.

    Multiple previews with spaces

    The most significant benefit spaces bring you is the ability to set up multiple previews within one project. This is especially useful if you use the same project for different brands or channels. Each of such divisions can be represented by one space. Additionally, you can use spaces with Web Spotlight.

    Multiple previews in a content item editing

    Switching between multiple previews in a content item

    Check out how to set up multiple previews in your project.

    What's next?

    Spaces help you add channel-specific context to your project. The next step is choosing how to divide your content with collections.