Content reuse

A major benefit of a well-structured content model is the ability to reuse pieces of content that have already been created without changing them. A single piece of content can be reused in many content items. Content reuse improves both efficiency and consistency. Pieces of content that can be reused can be either simple or complex. Content items can:

  1. Incorporate and reuse other content items
  2. Include content assets such as images that are used in many different content items
  3. Reuse text snippets (or text strings) such as short phrases and messages that are used in UX writing or used to support branding.

Reusing content avoids duplicating existing content, so that there is a single version of the content, wherever it appears. See also content repurposing

Related terms

Content repurposing

Existing content elements associated with a specific content type can be repurposed to create new content types that create different deliverables.

Content item

A content item is any digital content that is delivered to audiences.

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