Omnichannel refers to “orchestrating” the delivery of specific content to specific channels to respond to the customer journey. A simple example would be when a customer submits a request on a website and subsequently receives a confirmation in an email that they can read at their convenience, without needing to revisit the website. 

Omnichannel content delivery is planned around the customer’s context. Customers switch channels based on convenience. Omnichannel content delivery considers where customers are most likely to access that content when they need it. It delivers a more consistent and seamless experience for customers compared to multichannel content delivery.

A central content repository can coordinate the delivery of content to different channels. Structured content that’s available through an API supports omnichannel delivery that can be used on different devices and platforms. Omnichannel is gaining importance in sectors such as retail and entertainment where customers are moving between their own devices, shared devices, and physical infrastructure. 

Related terms

Delivery channel

The delivery channel refers to the environment where the audience or consumer of the content will discover and access it. 


Multichannel refers to having equivalent, or identical, content available in many different delivery channels. 

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