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Manage your subscriptions

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Get an overview of your current subscription and see who can manage it.

Table of contents

    Manage your subscriptions

    1. Click your initials in the bottom left corner.
    2. Choose Subscriptions.
    3. On the Subscriptions screen, choose a subscription.

    You'll see an overview of the selected subscription with its usage report.

    List of subscriptions with their names, admins, plan, and number of projects

    Manage projects under your subscription

    Select Projects to see a list of projects under your subscription. The project list lets you manage the languages and users across your subscription.

    While on the Projects tab, you can also create new projects by clicking Create new. Any projects you create here will be automatically added to the current subscription.

    A list of projects under one subscription

    To see projects from different subscriptions, click your initials in the bottom left corner and choose Projects.

    Move your project to another subscription

    If you need to transfer a project to someone else's subscription, they need to temporarily invite you as a subscription admin to their subscription. Once invited, you need to clone the project from your subscription to theirs. Or vice versa.

    For example, the following instructions show you how to move the Commercial project from the Agency subscription (with admin Alice) to the Client subscription (with admin Carol).

    1. Carol invites Alice to the Client subscription as a subscription admin.
    2. Alice clones the Commercial project to Client subscription.
    3. Carol removes admin Alice from the Client subscription.

    Manage users under your subscription

    Get an overview of the users invited to your subscription to see their presence in different projects. 

    1. In, click your initials in the bottom left corner.
    2. Choose Subscriptions.
    3. On the Subscriptions screen, choose a subscription.
    4. Select the Users tab.

    You can filter the list of users by the project and environment the users are active in, their roles, and by their access to specific collections or languages.

    The list of users in the projects under your subscription

    Users invited to the projects under your subscription.

    Click any user from the list to view their role permissions. This way you can quickly change user permissions if needed.

    Deactivate users in all projects

    If you need to deactivate a former colleague (or just lower the number of active users), click the switch in the Status column. This will deactivate the user in all projects.

    Create subscriptions

    1. In, click your initials in the bottom left corner.
    2. Choose Subscriptions.
    3. On the Subscriptions screen, click Create new.
    4. Enter a name for your subscription.
    5. Agree with the Terms of Service.
    6. Click Create subscription.

    Your new subscription will use the free trial plan, starting a new billing period effective immediately. The subscription won't contain any projects and you'll become its subscription admin.

    Decided to cancel your subscription?

    If you wish to cancel your subscription, contact our support team using the chat button in the bottom right and we will remove the subscription for you.

    Change subscription plan

    You need to be a subscription admin to change your subscription plan.

    1. In, click your initials in the bottom-left corner.
    2. Choose Subscriptions.
    3. From the Subscriptions list, choose a subscription.
    4. Select the Plans tab.
    5. Choose your desired subscription plan.
      • If you switch from a legacy subscription plan to any other, you can't go back to the legacy plan.
    Overview of subscription plans in the Kontent app.

    Enter your payment details

    Switching to a paid plan requires entering a payment method.

    1. Select the Billing information tab.
    2. Click Choose a payment method.

    Remember the email address you enter when providing the payment details. You will need it to manage your payment method later.

    If you're not sure which plan works best for you, let us help! Click the chat button in the bottom-right corner to contact us.

    Manage subscription admins

    Switch to the Admins tab to see a list of subscription admins.

    A subscription admin is an active user who can:

    Subscription admins receive all billing notification emails (for example, usage reports) for the given subscription.

    A list of subscription admins under one subscription

    Subscription admins are listed as Project managers in the projects created under the subscription and cannot be removed by other Project managers.

    Add subscription admins

    1. Select the Admins tab.
    2. Click Add admin.
    3. Fill in the new admin's email, first name, and last name.
    4. Click Send invitation.

    You can also promote an existing user within your subscription to an admin by clicking Add admin > Promote existing users.

    Inviting a new subscription admin

    Remove subscription admins

    1. Select the Admins tab.
    2. Select the admin you would like to remove.
    3. Click Remove.
    4. (Optional) If you would like to deactivate the selected admin in all projects, select Yes, deactivate the user in all projects.
    5. Click Remove or Remove and deactivate (based on whether you did step 4) to remove the selected admin.
    Removing a subscription admin

    What's next?

    Check your usage report to see your active users, the Fair Use Policy limits for your subscription plan, and the plan's cost.