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E-learning progress report

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Download PDF e-learning can speed up the onboarding of your colleagues and show them options they may not discover otherwise.

As the courses can ease the transition from other CMSs to, subscription admins can view the course progress of users under their subscription.

Table of contents

    1. Click your account icon in the top-right corner of the screen here.
    2. The popup shows a quick overview of your own e-learning progress.
    3. Click See my subscription learning progress to get a complete overview.
    4. If you have multiple subscriptions with e-learning, you can select which subscriptions you want to view the report for.

    You can see the subscription learning progress only if:

    • You’re a subscription admin.
    • At least one of your subscriptions has e-learning activated. 

    Partner subscriptions have e-learning access automatically.

    The subscription e-learning overview shows two sortable tables, one for courses and one for certifications.

    The courses summary lists all users under your subscription who’ve started a course. If they’ve finished the course, you also see their completion date.

    The certification summary shows all users who’ve started a certification. For each user, you see which certification they took and when, and the result of their attempt. For successful attempts, you also see the certificate expiration date.

    Beneath each table, you see the sum of completed courses or passed certifications.

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