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Assign responsibilities and set due dates

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When you are creating content with a team, you want to be sure that all members of your team complete their part of the process on time. To achieve this, you can assign contributors, leave a note, create comments and suggestions, and set due dates for your content items. You can also create tasks in content items to clearly distribute responsibilities.

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    Assign contributors

    Assign contributors to a content item to clearly indicate who should work on it.

    1. In Content & assets, click a content item you want to edit.
    2. Click More actions Assign contributors.
    3. Select one or more contributors you want to assign to the content item.
    4. Click Assign.
    The Assign contributors dialog in a content item's More actions menu.

    You can also assign contributors, set a due date, and leave a note when changing the workflow step of a content item.

    Set a due date

    Setting a due date on a content item is a good way to let contributors know when to finish working on it.

    1. In Content & assets, click a content item you want to edit.
    2. Click More actions Set due date.
    3. Select a date in the calendar.
    4. Click Done.
    5. Click Set.
    The dialog for setting a due date to a content item.

    Add a note

    Notes are useful when you want to give your coworkers additional information about a content item.

    1. In Content & assets, click a content item you want to add a note to.
    2. Click More actions Add note.
    3. Type a note.
    4. Click Add.
    Adding a note from a content item's More actions menu.

    Keep track with tasks

    To gain greater clarity about what needs to be done and by whom, create to-do lists in content items. In, you can create and assign tasks within items to delegate responsibilities. This also helps to track the progress of each item.

    1. In Content & assets, click a content item you want to create a task in.
    2. Click Add task.
      • If you've scrolled down, this button can be hidden in the Actions menu.
    3. Type what needs to be done into the Task description.
    4. In Assign to, select a contributor responsible for the task.
    5. Click Add.

    If you have a task assigned to you and you're done working on it, you can complete it by opening the sidebar with the Content details button and selecting the checkbox next to it. If you make a mistake and complete a wrong task, you can undo it by clicking the checkbox again.

    If there are uncompleted tasks in a content item you're about to publish, you'll be warned before the item gets published.

    See all your tasks

    To get an overview of all tasks assigned to you, click Home > Your Content > Your tasks tab.

    Receiving notifications

    Content items notifies contributors by email about the progress of content items assigned to them.

    You will receive the notifications when:

    • The workflow step of the content item is updated.
    • The content item is due in a week.
    • The content item is due in 3 days.
    • Every day that the content item is overdue.
      • After 3 weeks, you'll get only one email per week.
      • After 6 weeks, you won't get further notifications about this.

    To change which notifications you receive by email, see how to manage your profile.

    If multiple content creators edit one content item simultaneously, they get notified by a banner in to prevent accidental overwriting of changes.


    Tasks trigger email notifications on various occasions:

    • Task created: the assignee gets a notification.
    • Task updated or marked as completed: the task author and its assignee get a notification.
    • A content item with uncompleted tasks is published: assignees of the unfinished tasks get a notification.

    A user who creates, updates, or completes a task never gets notified about their own action.

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