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Professional Services

Professional Services

Let the digital transformation be a victory for your organization. Having experience with 100+ content projects in 5+ years, we’ll make sure you’re on the right path with your content. Now and in the future.

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Onboarding and care

Project discovery and planning 


Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will help you set a timeline for your project, provide you with project advice, and hold periodic business reviews.

Roadmap insights and influence 


Learn about the future of the product, and be prepared to make use of Kontent’s full potential. Influence Kontent’s features via your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Onboarding and product training 


Get a walkthrough in Kontent and general options with best practices for typical tasks and features. Learn about new features introduced to Kontent.

Tailored user training 


Let your users work at ease. We’ll prepare a custom training session for any audience and on any topic based on the mutual arrangement. We’ll learn your Kontent processes and take care of teaching your users.

Business experience consulting

Content strategy & Business analysis 


Get familiar with content strategy, and let us explain how you can use it for your benefit.

Content modeling 


Since content models play a crucial part in project success, our experts will provide best practices for your content model. The tailored variant also comes with a workshop, a proof of concept, diagrams, and review sessions.


Processes optimization & Change management 


Going to headless isn’t just moving between CMSs. We’ll assess your content and digital maturity, advise on your content creation processes, map workflows with roles, and help with your translation processes.

SEO optimization 


We’ll advise you about SEO challenges and how to make your SEO management effective within Kontent.

Technical consulting

Technical consultations 


Our experts will guide you through the main points of the implementation. They’ll be ready to discuss topics such as API & SDKs, performance, caching, image optimization with you—all of the often requested topics.

Migration & Integration consultations 


Get information on content migration and integrations, and discuss these topics with our experts.

Step up your content game

Moving to headless isn’t just like migrating between old-school CMSs. Not only is it a completely different technical approach, but it’s also a change in the way of thinking about content for content creators, marketers, and other business users.

Make sure that you’ll go in the right direction with Professional Services. All customers who purchased the Ultimate plan are still keeping the plan, long after the implementation has been finished. Get the benefits and our intensive care too!

Set up your content strategy
Integrate your ecosystem
Improve your processes
Migrate your previous content
Train your team to be efficient

We have your back

Both business and technical aspects of content projects are our specialty. Our dedicated Customer Success Manager as your main point of contact will ensure you get tailored recommendations and best practices. Let us help you launch and maintain another successful Kontent project.

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    Content modeling guidance

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    Architecture and infrastructure recommendations

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    Content migration best practices

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    Digital transformation and change management assistance

Professional Services and agencies

Your journey with Customer Success




  • Project discovery and planning
  • Setting up Kontent and its features
  • Content migration
  • Content modeling
  • Architecture & infrastructure
  • Integrations & customizations



  • Security review
  • Performance
  • Code optimization
  • URL & SEO optimization
  • Content strategy introduction
  • Content maturity assessment



  • Custom training
  • Further integrations
  • Next project assistance
  • Regular business reviews
  • Content model reviews
  • Regular functionality and product roadmap discussions

Additional services

Ad Hoc Consulting and Training Sessions

  • When you need to tackle a specific business or technical problem that isn’t included in your service plan, our experts will help your team find an efficient way to fix the issue.
  • Likewise, if your team is missing specific knowledge, we will provide a trainer, set up the training content, and educate your team.
  • Before each consultation, you’ll specify the topics you need to discuss and your desired outcome. The minimum deliverable unit is one business day (8 hours), incl. the expert’s preparation.
  • To arrange your Ad Hoc Consulting/Training Session, contact your Customer Success Manager or Salesperson, or use the chat bubble. This is paid separately based on the days purchased.

Content Strategy Advisory Sessions

  • When you want to make sure your content strategy and operations reap the full benefits of your modern headless CMS, our content strategy expert will review your content strategy.
  • Our expert will answer your questions and advise on steps you can take to improve your content operations and outcomes.
  • Before the session, you’ll define which areas you want to focus on, the questions we should answer, and your desired outcome.
  • To arrange your Content Strategy Advisory Session, contact your Customer Success Manager or Salesperson, or use the chat bubble. This is paid separately based on the arrangements.


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