Takeaways from Kontent.ai Horizons 2022 in New York

In addition to hosting Kontent.ai Horizons in London this year, we also brought our content management event to New York. What was it like, and what are some of the key takeaways?

Lucie Simonova

Published on Nov 30, 2022

Takeaways from Kontent.ai Horizons 2022 in NYC

For Kontent.ai Horizons 2022 in New York, we welcomed our partners, customers, and guests at the fabulous Glasshouse Chelsea. The agenda for the day offered an array of insightful sessions by expert speakers, finished off by networking over dinner and drinks.

We discussed redefining the headless market, talked about how composable technology can drive expansion, learned how to empower marketers and streamline development at the same time, and explored key learnings from our customer success stories.

Before we dive in to take a look at some of the takeaways from Kontent.ai Horizons 2022 in New York, check out the spectacular views of the Hudson River and the Manhattan Skyline from our Horizons venue!

Outstanding content leaders hire differently

In her talk, Colleen Jones, the Founder + President of Content Science, walked us through 3 unique characteristics that set successful content leaders apart and help them keep in step with the skyrocketing content demand and high customer expectations.

According to Colleen, outstanding content leaders hire differently, as they’re more thoughtful about enriching their content writer and editor teams and bringing in more modern roles, such as content strategist​s, content analysts, or content engineers.

What are the other characteristics outstanding content leaders have? Stay tuned for the recording of this inspiring session to find out.

Source: 3 characteristics of outstanding content leaders by Colleen Jones

Benefits of headless: increased productivity and independence

We’re thrilled to have had Lorris Saint-Genez, a Software Engineer at Algolia, in our line-up of speakers to discuss how Kontent.ai helped the Algolia team keep processes smooth.

In the customer success story, he explained how Algolia switched from hardcoded sites to Kontent.ai and the results they achieved with this change – simplified workflows for both developers and marketers, increased speed of content publishing, and foundations for new content projects.

Kontent.ai is a real game-changer for Algolia. We were able to migrate the whole website in 3 months with only 3 developers!

Lorris Saint-GenezSoftware Engineer, Algolia

Localization is crucial to global go-to-market strategy

In her session on Local impact, global growth, Jennifer Ley, the Chief Revenue Officer at XTM International, talked about how localization can help achieve organizations’ expansion goals. As Jennifer explained, when partnered with another industry-leading software, localization can be the most valuable asset in an organization’s globalization strategy.

She also discussed how composable technology can drive expansion, and in the ever-transforming digital world, allows organizations to be prepared for the unexpected.

Source: Local impact, global growth – How composable technology can drive your expansion by Jennifer Ley

We have a new office in New York City!

2023 is right around the corner and our goal for the upcoming year is clear: focus on growth in the United States and Canada. To bring our US team together and help expand our global footprint, we’re thrilled to announce that we opened a New York City office in the Chrysler Building. How exciting for Kontent.ai!

Catch us at one of the upcoming events

We’d like to thank all the attendees for coming—we had a blast, and we hope you did too. A special shout-out goes to our wonderful sponsors, Konabos, XTM International, BizStream, and Citro, who helped make Kontent.ai Horizons 2022 in New York possible.

If you missed the event or want to go over some of the highlights from your favorite session, we have good news—there will be recordings of all the inspiring talks available on our YouTube channel

Be sure to check out our blog posts on some of the highlights from Kontent.ai Horizons 2022 in London, and don’t forget to visit our event page, where you can see all the upcoming events you can meet us at!

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