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Adopt a Composable DXP Strategy to Future-Proof Your Tech Stack.

According to Gartner, Most existing products marketed as digital experience platforms (DXPs) are monolithic in architecture and slow to react to market changes.1 The question is, how and where should application leaders start modernizing these solutions?

We believe this report will help you discover:

  • What a composable DXP is and how to transform your existing digital workplace application stack
  • Why task-oriented packaged business capabilities (PBCs) are key for faster time to market
  • Three phases of the deployment of composable business initiatives recommended by Gartner
  • Why you should future-proof your tech stack by turning it into a composable DXP
The future of applications for customers is made up of composable experiences. Modern organizations must create new digital strategies to enable an environment where customers can personalize digital experiences in a frictionless way according to their content, their wants and needs.”

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