Why manufacturers rely on Kontent.ai

Manufacturing companies face unique challenges when it comes to content creation and management. Let’s explore why many companies in this industry turn to Kontent.ai as the perfect partner to help them overcome their challenges and create meaningful content.

Lucie Simonova

Published on Feb 22, 2023

Why manufacturers rely on Kontent.ai

As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve with the advent of Industry 4.0, businesses are facing new challenges when it comes to engaging with their customers.

Traditional methods of communication are no longer enough to keep up with the changing times. For that reason, many manufacturing enterprises are now looking for more innovative ways to reach their customers—and that’s where Kontent.ai comes in.

Find out why Kontent.ai is the perfect partner for forward-looking manufacturers looking to better connect with their customers, illustrated by real-life examples from innovative enterprises worldwide.

Removing inefficiencies from the content supply chain

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape, manufacturing organizations are continuously seeking new ways to increase productivity. By providing a robust suite of collaboration tools and features, Kontent.ai empowers manufacturing businesses of all sizes to work more effectively, ultimately leading to faster completion of tasks.

With workflows, teams are equipped with a structured process for creating, reviewing, and publishing content, reducing the potential for errors, inconsistencies, and bottlenecks. In addition, subject matter experts can be looped in to easily approve content that’s accurate, consistent, and compliant with all the necessary standards.

The use of specific roles ensures that each team member has a defined set of responsibilities, enabling everyone to focus on their specific tasks and preventing overlaps or unnecessary duplication of effort.

Keep processes moving with flexible workflows.
Workflows help improve the way teams work together.

For American Bath Group, duplicated efforts and siloed teams were some of the consequences of working with a traditional monolith DXP. By turning to Kontent.ai, however, American Bath Group has seen a major impact. Having unified teams and content helped them unsilo their content, greatly improving their bandwidth and team collaboration across multiple brands and channels. In addition, transitioning to a modern, headless architecture helped significantly speed up the time to market. By enabling connected services, they have been able to lower infrastructure costs and transform their deployment timeline from 30 hours to just 3 minutes.

A global leader in chemicals, INEOS Hygienics, is another great example of how a headless solution like Kontent.ai can help accelerate time to market. The brand went from having no web presence to a site communicating the company’s initiative in only 24 hours. Then, using Kontent.ai, the initial solution was replaced by a flexible, scalable, multi-site solution in just 2 weeks, and INEOS Hygienics was able to showcase their entire product portfolio to the general public.

After 2 weeks, the initial build was replaced with a flexible platform supporting the company’s commercial objectives.

Preventing customer experience from being a single point of failure

In today’s digital world, customer experience has become a critical differentiator for businesses in the manufacturing industry. With Kontent.ai, these organizations can get complete control over content, enabling the delivery of unparalleled customer experiences.

In this context, Intralox is a prime example of how the technical benefits of headless architecture can improve customer experiences. With the adoption of a microservice-based architecture, the company was able to connect with external services, while moving their main website from a legacy CMS to a modern platform. This transition allowed them to improve page speed and loading times, resulting in better customer experiences.

Intralox improved their page speed and loading times, letting them deliver better customer experiences.

To meet and exceed customer expectations, leading enterprises in the manufacturing industry also leverage content modeling and content guidelines – two essential elements in creating and maintaining high-quality, consistent content. By utilizing content modeling and guidelines, organizations ensure that content is consistent and well-structured so that search engines can better understand and index it. Like that, brands can help improve their website’s SEO and increase the availability of information to their customers.

Let’s take a look at a real-life example. Switching to a Kontent.ai-powered site helped Kimball Hospitality showcase the brand as a leader in the industry and made information more accessible on the website. This led to an increase in the number of requests for quotes each month, as well as a 70% increase in monthly visitors to their new website. The ultimate win? Clients can now better find the best products and services in the industry.

By following content guidelines, teams can ensure content is consistent with brand messaging, and optimized for search engines.

Simplifying the localization process and connecting customers with the right content

Many large international brands face complex localization challenges. In order to create engaging and effective content for diverse audiences, they need a tool that can help them manage these complexities while maintaining global content governance.

Using Kontent.ai’s Collections, individual departments and teams can manage content in their collections, ensuring the right people work on the right content. In addition, Spaces help provide a channel-specific context for content to avoid juggling multiple websites in separate projects. Both features create clear boundaries for content, helping organizations give regional teams the freedom to create what they need while still allowing for global content governance.

Modular content reuse with Collections
Collections let enterprises manage all their content in a single repository.

The headless approach of a platform like Kontent.ai enables publishing content to any channel. Combined with Collections, it allows for content to be quickly served in the right language to the right channel. Let’s take a look at a real-life example of how the headless approach to publishing helped evolve an online presence of a leading supplier for Europe’s agriculture sector.

Kramp needed to modernize their digital experiences to meet the demanding customer expectations. With the Kontent.ai platform, they managed to free up their local marketing teams, allowing them to deliver localized, multi-channel content and campaigns to regional markets throughout Europe. Additionally, the easy-to-use authoring interface now allows regional marketing teams to update content directly while reducing the time to create new landing pages from 4-6 weeks to less than an hour.

Davey van Ommen

Thanks to Kontent.ai, we have managed to move content marketing from a global level to the local level. The marketing departments in all our countries are able to create or edit their own content. We’re now able to do online content marketing in 24 countries/languages in an efficient and structured way.

Davey van OmmenOnline Content Specialist at Kramp

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Kontent.ai helps manufacturing companies tackle their most difficult content challenges and ensure their content is consistent, accurate, and tailored to their specific target audience. Like this, with full control over their content, manufacturers can deliver unbeatable customer experiences.

Get inspired by manufacturing organizations that rely on Kontent.ai to accelerate time to market, boost customer experience, and connect with global audiences, including American Bath Group, INEOS Hygienics, Intralox, Kimball Hospitality, and Kramp.

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