Kontent.ai vs Storyblok

Looking for an alternative to Storyblok? Kontent.ai’s headless CMS offers large enterprise teams the flexibility and control required to manage omnichannel content efficiently and securely—plus easy content reuse. Explore how our customers benefit and how we compare.

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Proven results with Kontent.ai

Migrated 10 websites with 50,000+ products

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Reasons why customers choose Kontent.ai

Reusing content more easily

  • Avoid content duplication
  • Create modular content rather than content for pages
  • Reuse pieces of content to connect with audiences across channels

Managing complex content more efficiently

  • Scale as you grow with our flexible pricing
  • Set up content operations for multiple brands, regions, and channels
  • Combine unlimited projects and spaces to help you govern content

Intelligent automation across the content journey

  • Committed to secure and responsible AI
  • No need for a plug-in with a third-party provider
  • Infuse native AI into the authoring experience and workflows you already use

Turning insights into action

  • Gain visibility into all content operations 
  • Discover data insights with Mission Control
  • Monitor and measure content progress, status, and pace in one place

Kramp: Localized content variants for 20+ languages

Kramp is a shining example of how AI can revolutionize content creation. By leveraging Kontent.ai’s built-in AI capabilities, they translate content to local languages with ease, expanding their global reach.

Discover how Kramp reduced landing page creation time from 4-6 weeks to just one hour and produced localized content in over 20 languages.

The platform designed with users in mind

Check out the G2 reviews to learn why users love Kontent.ai.

We’re happy to offer you a tailored demo of Kontent.ai’s capabilities, so you can see how your teams can succeed in areas such as: 

  • Unifying content in a single source of truth
  • Reusing content across multiple websites and channels
  • Gaining visibility over all content operations
  • Increasing content production efficiency

Customers rave about our services

With Kontent.ai, get more than a headless CMS. Bring digital experiences to market faster with expert guidance, 24x7 support, and education.

Content and technology experts in your corner

Our customer success and support teams are powerhouses of knowledge and experience. Whether you require deep technical consultancy, content best practices, or a fast ramp-up of business users, we’re here to help.

Smooth and tracked learning for all users

In the Kontent.ai Learn portal, you can explore the value of the platform with custom learning paths for your role. Or dive into the comprehensive documentation and API reference.

Protect your brand with enterprise-grade security

Safeguard your brand with enterprise-ready solution and governance, aligned with responsible AI best practices. Protect your reputation, scale operations, and build exceptional customer relationships with Kontent.ai. Check out our Trust Center for all security documents and compliance information, including HIPAA and GLBA.

Learn why Kontent.ai is a better choice

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