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What is behind

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Download PDF uses several services and platforms to provide a reliable authoring experience for customers and end-users. Are you evaluating and want to find out what services it uses behind the scenes? Want to make informed decisions about your own app's architecture? You're in the right place.

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    Key points

    • The main infrastructure of is hosted in Microsoft Azure. This includes the administration interface and the APIs for adding, managing, and getting your content.
    • uses third-party systems for email notifications, payments, identity management, and content delivery.
    • The API calls you make go through a content delivery network (CDN), which makes content delivery extremely fast.

    The architecture of in a nutshell

    The core services behind are running in Azure, a Microsoft-operated cloud computing service. The Azure infrastructure model used by is Platform as a Service (PaaS) and it's also where your content is stored.

    All Azure resources (such as App Services, Cosmos DBs, Azure SQL databases) are regularly reviewed and secured based on the latest industry standards using Azure Security Center. We also have a security policy in place to ensure your content is safe.

    Azure aside, uses the following third-party services:

    • Auth0 for authenticating users
    • SendGrid for sending email notifications
    • FastSpring for subscription payments
    • Fastly content delivery network (CDN) for delivering your content to your customers and users

    The Fastly CDN has edge nodes all around the world, ensuring fast content delivery no matter the destination.

    How stores your data

    The data of your project is stored in a specific data center. In every data center, uses a decoupled architecture for storing your content. The content you create is saved in two repositories: the content repository and delivery repository.

    The services in these repositories are written in ASP.NET.

    We back up your data daily and store the backups for 14 days for the purposes of disaster recovery. All your data is safely encrypted at rest.

    What's next?