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Why insurance companies rely on

The insurance industry is one to watch when it comes to the digital customer experience. To create meaningful content at scale, many insurance companies turn to the modular content platform.

Monica Raszyk is the Director of Product Marketing at Kontent by Kentico.

Monica RaszykPublished on Apr 5, 2022

Today, many insurance companies are transforming not only their processes, but also their tech stacks to deliver better digital experiences, stay ahead of customer demands, and hold their own against competitive threats. So what does it take to be successful? 

For companies such as Income, Greenstone OneChoice, and Trusted Choice, every touch point is an opportunity to build trust and loyalty. And content that’s relevant, accurate, and engaging makes a true impact. With its content-first approach, flexibility, and security, is a modular content platform that helps insurance companies connect with customers and achieve their goals. Let’s check out how.

Unifying content improves its consistency and grows brand trust

Trust is foundational for insurance companies and the people they support. Consistency and transparency spell the difference between a loyal customer and a lost customer. What’s more, in a strictly regulated industry like insurance, organizations are held to higher standards of accuracy and accessibility. A content platform like helps teams maintain standards for their content, without requiring additional resources. 

By unifying business content into a cloud-based hub, insurance companies are able to curate their single source of truth. Additionally, reusable components make it easier to keep content up-to-date. Create Once, Publish Everywhere is a core benefit of – and it can also be appreciated when small, but critical details are amended in, say, policy terms & conditions. Simply edit once, and the change is reflected wherever that content item is used. No need to search for and update every single instance and potentially risk missing one. All in all, having a system like helps teams confidently create, reuse, and deploy content to multiple channels

Reusable content in Kontent headless CMS
When editing a content item, it’s easy to view all other content items where it’s used

As a governed financial institution, Singapore-based insurance company Income also ensures content consistency across websites and applications through the use of workflows. Because there are many stakeholders involved in the content creation process, workflows are a way to keep everything moving – and everyone organized. For Income’s large team, the use of specific roles and user permissions helps further protect the integrity of content. 

Workflows help teams govern content operations at scale

To learn more about how Income improves collaboration and governance across a large organization, read the Income customer success story.

The right messaging engages the right customer segments

When content is relevant and personalized, customers feel closer to a brand. To attract younger generations especially, insurance companies are also tasked with making every touch point count. That’s why it’s key to have a solution that not only supports strategic content creation, but also fits seamlessly into the marketing tech stack. Marketing, after all, is an important way to improve customers’ perceptions of a brand. 

There is no one-size-fits-all insurance; the same goes for marketing content. Today, customers are looking for personalized messaging, offerings, recommendations, and pricing. Considering just how tailored content can really be – by product, persona, country, etc – it’s important for insurance companies to keep everything organized. 

Using Collections in is an efficient way to create useful content boundaries, or sub-repositories, within a single project. One example may be to have a shared Collection for global content that all users can access, but different Collections for Insurance Department | East content and authors only and for Insurance Department | West content and authors only. All contained in and accessible from one system. 

Collections help keep the unified content hub organized and easy-to-navigate
Collections can be used to group content and authors by specific topics helps insurance giants better market to key customer segments, from advisers or organizations to families and individuals. With the ability to easily repurpose content that has shown to convert, teams can take into account more specific segmentation, without overburdening their resources. Because is designed for business users, it’s much easier and faster for teams to bring new digital marketing ideas to life – with less dependency on developers day to day. And the collaborative editing approach in helps everyone involved improve content operations and prioritize content quality.

Simultaneous Editing in Kentico Kontent
Working centrally in helps keep feedback accessible and usable

Unbeatable site speed on any device makes the difference

Engaging with insurance companies on-the-go on any device is fast becoming the norm for many customers. While it’s difficult to predict exactly what customers will require in the future, it is possible to measure success, learn from the data, and prepare for what comes next. allows insurance companies to unify all their business content, organize it, then deliver it via API to their preferred channels. And if they decide to add more channels over time? There’s no need to start from scratch; the ecosystem is already primed to support future growth. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, insurance company Greenstone found a strong correlation between site performance and their ability to attract online leads. That is why site speed was a key requirement when developing their new website, OneChoice. The ability to deliver an exceptional experience across any modern browser or device was also paramount, especially since they expected a significant portion of traffic to come from mobile visitors. 

OneChoice offers customers a high-performing website experience for any device

To achieve their ambitious performance targets and minimize page load times, they sought a content platform that would let them separate the content repository from the front-end website. offered them the ability to deliver content via API without additional overhead. All content on the site comes from, while website lead forms submit visitor data into an internal database via a separate business API.

The end result is a high-performing website experience for any device. To learn more about how Greenstone improved OneChoice's site speed across devices using, read the Greenstone customer success story.

Staying competitive means changing how things are done 

Customer preferences are constantly in flux. The luxury of choice has caused many insurance companies to reimagine their ways of working – and re-engineer their solutions – in order to stay competitive. 

Insurance company Trusted Choice switched to from a traditional monolith CMS so that they could stay agile and adaptive, without needing to bring in additional resources. As their requirements changed, their old system simply couldn’t scale with them. The rising cost of the solution didn’t align with the pay-off, and developers spent time on ongoing maintenance to keep systems running. With, developers now develop ten times faster using their preferred tools and frameworks, while investing in higher impact activities: digital experiences that convert.

While a headless approach to content management is often seen as a developer’s dream, content-as-a-service capabilities in make it the type of solution that business users will feel more than comfortable using once they get the hang of it. Going headless often requires a distinct mindshift for creators, but user-friendly features in, such as descriptive content guidelines and content previews, help keep content creators focused and content standards high. 

In-platform guidelines help content writers work efficiently

For Trusted Choice, the modular content approach benefits everyone. In comparison to their previous solution, the overall process of preparation, development, and content creation is much faster and more efficient for both IT and business teams.

Avatar fallback - no photo has allowed us to increase the development speed of new features by 10x. This is largely due to the power it provides as a headless CMS – allowing our developers to work with toolsets and frameworks of their choice and our content creators to focus on what they do best: content.

Adam Weigold, VP Engineering & Chief Architect, Trusted Choice

To learn more about how Trusted Choice transformed their ways of working with, read the Trusted Choice customer success story.

Takeaway helps insurance companies embrace complexities of scale to make a real impact on the business. Get inspired by insurance companies who rely on to modernize content management and engage with customers across digital channels, including: Income, Greenstone - One Choice, Trusted Choice, Unum, Zurich Insurance, Neilson Financial Services, Berkeley Insurance Group, Advantage General, Colonnade, a Fairfax Company, ASEQ, Yolo, and Meemic.

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Monica Raszyk is the Director of Product Marketing at Kontent by Kentico.
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