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Publish content items

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Now that you've finished perfecting your content and are ready to show it to the world, it's time to publish your content. Publishing makes your content publicly accessible through our Delivery API.

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    You can publish content items only when their content meets the criteria defined by content type. This means that elements with limitations must have correct values and required elements must be filled in.

    Keep in mind that changing a workflow step depends on your role permissions and your project's workflow setup.

    Publish a content item

    1. In  Content & assets, open a content item you want to publish.
    2. Click Publish… .
    3. In the Change workflow step popup, click Publish.
    4. If the content item links other content items, you'll have the option to publish them too. Select the items you want to publish and click Publish.

    A short time after publishing, your content is publicly available via the Delivery API.

    Change workflow modal dialog with settings to publish a content item immediately

    The system changes the workflow step of the given content items to Published and they become publicly available.

    Publishing with linked content items and non-localizable elements

    If the content item contains any links to content items or linked content items, you can publish the other items at the same time to prevent broken links or even breaking your app.

    If you're publishing content that isn't in the default language and it contains non-localizable elements, you can also publish the default variant of the content item in one go.

    To publish more items with your content item, choose the items you would like to publish with the original item and click Publish item with selected items. All unselected items will remain in their current workflow steps.

    Publish item with its linked content

    Be sure not to close the window until your content item and all linked items are published.

    You can't select linked items for publishing if:

    • The linked item's workflow requires further steps prior to publishing.
    • Your role doesn't have permission to publish that linked item.
    • The linked item is already published.

    This does not apply to components in rich text elements. Components are always published together with the item that contains them.

    Resolve incomplete content

    If you're notified that your content item cannot be published yet, make sure all the elements are filled in correctly.

    To quickly find elements that need your attention in the current content item, you can use the "left to complete" indicator shown on the Details sidebar. Clicking Content details at the top right of an item opens the sidebar where you can click on Elements left to complete to be taken to the incomplete elements.

    An item with multiple incomplete elements.

    What's an incomplete element? This includes elements that:

    • Are set as required but empty.
    • Do not meet a set limitation, such as the maximum number of characters for a text element.

    Publish multiple content items

    1. In , select the content items you want to publish.
    2. Click .
    3. Click Publish.
      • You can publish items in bulk only if all the selected items can transition to the Published workflow step. This is based on your workflow setup.
    4. Click Publish.

    To ensure smooth bulk publishing, you can only publish up to 200 items at once. A short time after publishing, the selected content items are publicly available via the Delivery API.

    Content types, sitemap locations, and taxonomy groups are not affected by publishing – they are always published. When you modify content types, sitemap, or taxonomy groups used by published content items, the changes will appear immediately.

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