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We’re always improving to help customers achieve an unparalleled return on their content. Check out how the latest features allow teams to better create and amplify high-quality content in record time.

Monica Raszyk

Published on Dec 11, 2023

As content operations get more and more complex, helps teams take care of everything standing between great ideas and their execution. If you haven’t already, bring some of’s latest functionality into your team workflow, so that everyone is set up to achieve huge returns on content in 2024.

Meet demands for better content, faster

Consistent information delivered on time is non-negotiable for building trust and staying competitive. Thankfully, customers don’t have to make trade-offs between content quality and speed.

With the introduction of AI into the platform, content creators are more equipped than ever to plan, create, and amplify their content. Our new AI-powered assistance offers authors in-the-moment support, so that they can ideate and write faster, as well as adapt tone, messaging, and everything in between. 

AI assistance for authors is baked right into the authoring experience

This year, generative AI has dominated every conversation in almost every industry, company, and household. At, it’s especially resonant. We’re proud to be the first-ever CMS with context-aware AI capabilities, right in the authoring experience. Building on the incredible momentum of the past few months, our customers are already eager to scale their use of AI and bring greater automation to global operations in the new year. 

To get up to speed on how AI can improve content quality, velocity, and scale, check out the following resources, published this year.

In tandem with the incredible value-add of AI, we’ve also been helping teams optimize how they work. To improve processes, there needs to be better visibility into, well, everything. And the ROI of content production isn’t always an easy thing to measure. That’s why we’ve introduced a whole set of content efficiency metrics in the platform, helping managers get a bird’s eye view of content operations. 

Content status
Accurate reporting about your production process is key for catching inefficiencies

These insights make it easier to correct gaps, jump on new opportunities, and ensure the content machine keeps on keeping on. For more on this critical topic, catch us on our channels in January.

Embed governance into every action

Meeting the demand for personalized, localized content isn’t always easy, but it is worth it. To pull this off, content governance must be embedded into every task, plan, and decision. We deal with plenty of unique governance frameworks, so customers can guarantee their platform setup mirrors their particular team structures, approval processes, digital properties, and compliance practices. 

The way governance is managed in the platform has always set apart. Let’s check out some key updates from the past year in the area of projects, workflows, and localization:

  • The introduction of spaces has been a huge boon for organizations who manage multiple websites for, say, different brands, regions, or languages. With spaces, multiple websites can be managed under one project, rather than within discrete projects. This is a great way to set up the experience if you want content creators to have the option to reuse content from other websites that’s relevant to their website too. This approach tackles the very real, very frustrating problem of unnecessary content duplication that many other CMSs still aren’t solving like we are.
Spaces make it easier to manage and share content across multiple websites in one CMS
  • Creating multiple workflows for different types of content has long been an important feature for customers. This year, we also added the option for teams to define workflows for any combination of content types and collections. Teams can also now limit workflows to individual collections. The flexibility to expand and contract boundaries in the platform means accommodates even the most complex approval processes.
  • Localization plays a major role in engaging diverse, global audiences. It also involves careful handling of your brand image, as well as legal and regulatory compliance. Our customers can now make use of greater language controls to help manage all these moving parts, such as converting non-localizable elements into localizable ones, language fallbacks, and the possibility to view available localizations for untranslated linked content. Explore more about localization practices in Learn.

With, organizations can not only meet stringent regulatory requirements, but also deliver awesome customer experiences at scale. To learn more about content governance and security best practices, check out the following resources:

Unblock teams with quality-of-life improvements

Additional improvements make working in the platform and with our headless technology more productive, scalable, and secure. We’re highlighting a few fan favorites here; head over to Learn to get the lowdown on every single release from 2023.

  • Content quality is a holistic measure of message, visuals, and experience. In, content creators can now review content in the context of specific websites with specific audiences, using multiple preview URLs. We’ve also further enhanced preview options in Web Spotlight to ensure that teams can easily review how content looks and feels at any resolution and on any device.
  • To ensure the right assets are available for the right teams, assign them to specific collections and roles. Boundaries that limit where and how an asset can be used help content creators navigate the library more quickly, without having to second-guess their selections. Along with taxonomies, these features nicely streamline asset management for business units, regions, languages, and campaigns.
  • Developers, we have updates for you too. Here, we’ll highlight the revamped Management API keys for even greater security. It’s now possible to create user-independent Management API keys, with the ability to limit keys to a specific environment and capability. The functionality of personal API keys hasn’t changed; this update acts as an additional layer of secure key management, especially useful when managing integrations to Some other updates to call out include Sync API, asset codenames, improved webhooks with more granular triggers and additional entities, and new personal API keys. Check out our documentation and API reference for more!

Make content your most strategic asset with

We’ve seen just how much our customers have accomplished this year, and we’re proud to be a part of their success. They’ve tweaked processes to run more smoothly; executed impactful, customer-centric campaigns; expanded to new channels to amplify their message; and, ultimately, ensured that content is helping move the business forward.

With, the content editing process is now so much faster. We don’t need to consult a giant rulebook to create content—everything is clear, straightforward, and easy to use.

Karin BroeksmaSEO Specialist, Knab

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And as the year winds down, we hope you too can find a moment to reflect on and celebrate all your wins, big and small.

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