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Use taxonomies for release publishing (example)

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As your content grows bigger, you benefit from organizing your content into smaller groups such as releases. You create these groups by tagging your content. You can then plan your releases, see what's scheduled for each release, and perform bulk operations like publishing or changing workflow.

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    Group content items into a release

    One of the ways in to group content is by using taxonomies. When you tag content items with a taxonomy term, you can then filter the content items and perform bulk operations on them, such as publishing or changing their workflow step.

    Let's say you have an upcoming pricing update that you'd like to reflect in a few articles. To group the articles together, tag them with a taxonomy term designated for the pricing update.

    In this example, you'll create a taxonomy group called Releases. This group will contain taxonomy terms for each release you want to tag your content items with.

    1. Create the Releases taxonomy group

    The first step is to create a taxonomy group Releases that will hold the taxonomy terms for each release.

    1. In Content model, select the Taxonomies tab.
    2. Click Create new.
    3. Type Releases into the Taxonomy group name field.

    2. Add tags to the Releases group

    Tags are taxonomy terms. Each release needs to have its own term.

    1. Click Create new Taxonomy term.
    2. Type a release name into the Taxonomy term name field.
    3. Click Confirm to add your term.
    4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 as needed.

    After you add terms for all releases, click Save changes. You can always come back later to add more releases.

    Taxonomy used for tagging content into releases

    Now that you have the taxonomy terms prepared, it's time to add the taxonomy element to the content types of items you want to tag.

    3. Adjust the content model

    1. In Content model, open the relevant content type for editing.
    2. Insert the Taxonomy element.
    3. In the element, select the Releases taxonomy group you've in the previous steps.
    4. Click Save changes.

    Now you and your content creators can start tagging the content items related to a particular release.

    What's next?