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Every developer is a visionary. Even implementing a simple app requires creative thinking and a high level of imagination.

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Content in multiple languages

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Fast integration with Gatsby

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Possibility to have your own editing controls for managing content integrated into the CMS

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Cloud-based content storage

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Quick initial setup with no credit cards

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Fetch and manipulate content via API

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Fast data delivery via global CDN

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Split content into local and production environments

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Give a friend/family member/dog/cat access to collaborate on content

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The new Kontent by Kentico Developer plan removes the barrier of entry and allows us to do what we love, tinker. The Developer plan is the perfect way to experiment with a headless platform and learn about the future of Content as a Service.
Richard Shackleton

Richard Shackleton, UI Architect, NetConstruct

Build it your way

Every good project starts with this button. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re building your personal site, a website for your father’s business, a presentation for local firefighters with a discussion forum, or a lifestyle blog for your sister. You always need to store content somewhere. 

With Kontent, you can store all of your content in the cloud. Now. No installing. No upgrading. We do all of that for you. Preparing a local environment is no longer an excuse for procrastination. Take your ideas and turn them into reality. We want to see you shine!


Personal website


Discussion forum


Lifestyle blog

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 function foo() { 
    try { 
        return 2; 
    } finally {
console.log(foo()); // undefined
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What is included in the ${0}?

Global CDN

data delivery


open-source ready-to-use custom elements

APIs and SDKs

for both delivery and management






project languages

Cloud-hosted UI

for content management

Content storage including custom elements for customized experience entering data and collaboration features up to



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