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Create modern websites and applications.

Replace legacy CMSs with a modern cloud-native solution and make content part of your microservices architecture. Kentico Kontent is a Content-as-a-Service solution that allows you to manage content in one place and deliver it anywhere.

Choose the technology you like. Any technology.

With Kentico Kontent, you don’t have to learn a proprietary technology or templating language. Simply use our APIs and build your applications as you like it. Achieve results even faster with our SDKs for all major languages. Check out our detailed documentation.


Future-proof your content.

Kentico Kontent provides flexible content modeling that fits any business needs. Today, and in the future.

  • Structured content

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    Create content independent of the presentation.

  • Linked content

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    Create complex content items from smaller, reusable chunks.

  • Components

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    Enable richer storytelling by mixing text and components, such as quotes, hero images, social media posts, or online forms.

  • Taxonomies

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    Keep your content organized with hierarchical taxonomies.

  • Languages

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    Create content in any number of languages.

  • Tabs

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    Group your content elements for easier navigation.

Kentico Kontent gives us, developers, complete freedom to present content across all digital touchpoints. The easy-to-connect API saves time on development, so we can focus on the best way to display information to users. It helps our clients better organize, improve, and minimize the cost of content creation.

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Enhance the user interface with custom elements.

If our built-in elements aren’t enough, you can build your own element and make it part of our interface. That’s handy when you need to integrate Kentico Kontent with external systems.

Connect other systems using webhooks.

Let other systems know when your content changes. Set up your webhooks, decide when to trigger them, and monitor their responses.

Deploy with confidence. As often as you need.

Kentico Kontent allows you to create any number of development environments and synchronize changes using our API. It means you make content part of your agile continuous integration and deployment process.

Real-time developer support.

Need help? Just click the Intercom button in the bottom right corner and talk to our engineers on three continents who are available at any time.

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Build static websites—as static as you want.

Use Kentico Kontent, a JAMstack-ready CMS, with Gatsby, Wyam, or Nuxt.js to generate static websites. And if you want to make them more dynamic, enhance them using our JavaScript SDK and super-fast API.

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  • True SaaS solution.

    Kentico Kontent manages the infrastructure and content backups in the Azure cloud, freeing your development and DevOps teams to focus on their applications.

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    Certified for security.

    Kentico Kontent comes with Single-Sign On (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), customizable roles and permissions, and other security features. And it relies on secure Azure cloud. To prove our security, we’re now ISO 27001 certified.

  • Super-fast content delivery.

    Speed is critical. We bring your content close to your customers—no matter where they are. You can choose from several data centers and deliver content really fast anywhere in the world with a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

  • Avoid lock-in.

    Kentico Kontent is designed for open ecosystems. You can connect it to any solution. And if you decide to change your content service, simply export your content and replace our API with another.

Integrate with your favorite tools.

Kentico Kontent provides powerful APIs and integration options, as well as many out-of-the-box integrations with other popular tools:

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