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Keep your content production on track

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Once your project is set up and content creators start working on the content, making sure everything goes according to the plan is crucial. From meeting the tight deadlines to getting the reviews done on time, there is no room for mistakes. And this is where the project overview comes in. Project overview helps you with visualizing your project's planning status and allows you to quickly see whether you're on track.

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    Get a complete overview of your project

    Consider project overview your friend who wants to help you with overseeing your content planning. Imagine it's Monday morning and you've just arrived in your office. You'd like to find out the current status of your project.

    To see your project overview, click  Home > Project overview.

    Progress on content visualized in Home > Project overview.

    What you can see here is the current status of your planned items together with what workflow step they're currently in.

    This overview shows only items edited within the past 90 days.

    Just by looking at the numbers here, you'll know whether something's delayed or how many items are already scheduled to publish. You might argue now that this doesn't tell you much. Seeing the numbers is good, but you're missing the context.

    Digging deeper

    By clicking any of the three tiles from the planning status – On track, Delayed, or Scheduled to publish – you'll find more information about the items that fall into that category. Let's say you want to know, which content items are delayed. When you click the Delayed tile, you'll see the content items past their due date.

    Delayed content items in its modal window in Home > Project overview.

    Now you know which items need your attention. You can see what workflow step these items are in and when they were last updated. By clicking any of these items, a new tab with that specific content item will be opened. This will shed even more light on where the problem might be.

    The same goes for the Workflow step overview. By clicking the specific workflow step, either from the graph, or below it, you'll get more information. For example, if you're interested in items currently being reviewed, click the Review step.

    Where is my Spring product update?

    Your project’s planning status shows you only the content items that have a due date. If some of your items are missing the due date and you'd like to track their status, you need to add a due date first. This way, you will know if the items run behind schedule – when the due date has passed and the item is still not published, it will show in your Delayed tile of the Planning status.

    If you'd like to know which content items are missing due dates, see the Missing due dates callout next to the planning status and then click the link. This will open a list of the content items without a due date.

    Filtering the results

    Sometimes, you're only interested in seeing the blog posts waiting for an approval. Or maybe you'd like to see how the new guy in your office is handling the reviews. All of this can be done by using the filter on the left.

    Choose the criteria to your liking and the results will be updated automatically. For example, by choosing the Review workflow step and filtering out the contributors to John Doe only, you'll see how John is doing in terms of reviewing content items.

    All saved filters work here as well as in Content & assets.

    Save filters, save time

    You can be efficient with your time finding the same content types frequently by saving your filters:

    1. Click on the top of the Refine results sidebar.
    2. Click Save.
    3. Type a name for the filter.
    4. Click Save.

    The saved filter is now shown under Your saved filters in that same panel where you can use it later.

    Save a content item filter for later use.

    Saving a content items filter for later use.

    Filters can be saved in the content items list, project overview, editorial calendar, or dialogs where you select a content item.

    Edit saved filters

    To rename or remove a saved filter, click  next to the filter name and make changes as needed.

    Share a filter

    The filters you have saved are private to you. If you want to share an active filter:

    1. Click on the top of the Refine results sidebar.
    2. Click Share.
    3. Click to copy the filter link.

    You can now share this link with your colleagues.

    What's next?

    By checking the project overview regularly, it's easier to stay on track with your deadlines and seeing if everything is on track. Not only you can see the current status, but you can also dig a bit deeper to find out what's behind a delayed item or why so many items are waiting in the Approval workflow step.