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Collect customer contacts with SendPulse.

Integrate Kontent.ai with SendPulse to nurture your leads in every stage of the sales funnel! 

SendPulse is an all-in-one communication platform built for sending emails, SMS, and creating chatbots.

Why Kontent.ai and SendPulse work together

Use SendPulse to nurture your leads in every stage of the sales funnel
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    Create complex omnichannel message flows

    Send email messages, web push notifications, SMS, or set up chatbots to generate better leads and increase customer engagement.

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    Start gathering quality leads

    Choose one of the pre-made templates or create a unique template with your corporate colors using SendPulse’s convenient template builder. Then place the form on your website running on Kontent.ai and start gathering leads—simple as that.

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    Personalize your emails

    Leverage the data you have about your subscribers—address them by name and insert any other information you have into your emails with SendPulse’s variable feature.

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