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You don't need to worry about finding your content in, even when you have thousands of content items. There are different ways of navigating through the content as well as various ways of filtering it and sorting it.

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    Where to look for your content?

    When you click Home, you'll find three ways of navigating through your content. If you are in the Sample or Getting Started projects, there will be another tab called Quickstart. This tab serves as an overview of the project. The remaining tabs are:

    • Your content – a list of items recently edited by you and items assigned to you.
    • Project overview  a dashboard showing how many articles are planned for publishing, on track, or delayed, and an overview of the workflow steps in your project.
    • Editorial calendar  a calendar with scheduled items, items with due dates, and items already published.

    You can navigate to your content items list by clicking Content & assets. This is where you search and filter your content items.

    Search efficiently

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    Navigate your content

    After you sign in to, you'll find yourself in the Your content tab. 

    In the Recently edited by you tab, you find the content items you have recently created or updated.

    Your content overview section.

    The Assigned to you tab shows content items you are assigned to as a contributor. You can then choose to sort the items by due date or when they were last modified.

    Content items assigned to you in their section.

    The Your tasks tab gives you an overview of tasks assigned to you. You can click a task to open a content item where the task has been created.

    Your tasks in its section with the same name.

    Search your content

    To search your content, navigate to Content & assets. The dropdown menu next to the full-text search bar gives you two options for searching your content items. Either you can search both their names and content or just the names. If you know the name of the item you're looking for, use the second option to narrow the results down.

    Watch the example below to see how to find items that include the word “coffee”.

    Content items filtering, first by their name and content, then only by name.

    As you can see, selecting Search in names only narrows down the number of results dramatically.

    Advanced filtering options

    Searching content items by name or by their content works well when you know what's written in your desired content item. Sometimes you might not know that. That’s when the left-side filtering options come to the rescue.

    Let’s say you’d like to find all brewers and cafes that are ready for you to review. Combine the left-side filters to find them.

    1. Select Brewer and Cafe in the Content type filter dropdown.
    2. Select Review in the Workflow step filter dropdown.

    You can refine the list of content items by the following criteria:

    • Collection – list only content items in a collection relevant to you.
    • Content type  only show items based on chosen content types.
    • Workflow step  filter your items by the workflow step they're in.
    • Contributor  list only items assigned to a specific person.
    • Taxonomy  filter your tagged items by taxonomies.
      • Tip: Use the ø Not in filter to quickly find unlabeled content items. 
    • Status  find untranslated or unfinished items. Choose from these statuses:
      • Unfinished: One or more content elements are not filled in correctly.
      • Ready: All content elements are correctly filled in, the item is ready for publishing.
      • All done: Item is already published, no action needed.
      • Not translated: The item isn't translated to the currently selected language.
    • Publishing state  find content items that are published, not yet published, or those that were unpublished.

    Save filters, save time

    You can be efficient with your time finding the same content types frequently by saving your filters:

    1. Click on the top of the Refine results sidebar.
    2. Click Save.
    3. Type a name for the filter.
    4. Click Save.

    The saved filter is now shown under Your saved filters in that same panel where you can use it later.

    Save a content item filter for later use.

    Saving a content items filter for later use.

    Filters can be saved in the content items list, project overview, editorial calendar, or dialogs where you select a content item.

    Edit saved filters

    To rename or remove a saved filter, click  next to the filter name and make changes as needed.

    Share a filter

    The filters you have saved are private to you. If you want to share an active filter:

    1. Click on the top of the Refine results sidebar.
    2. Click Share.
    3. Click to copy the filter link.

    You can now share this link with your colleagues.

    Sort your content

    For easier overview and quicker navigation, sort your content items by one of the following parameters:

    • Name  sort in alphabetical order.
    • Due date  sort by due date to ensure a quick overview of items that have a fast-approaching deadline.
    • Published  sort by date of publication.
    • Last modified  if you are having trouble finding the content item you've modified just a second ago, click the Last modified column header on the right side. This puts the last modified item to the top of the list.
    A content list with the column visibility menu opened.

    See only the columns that matter to you

    If you don't need certain columns, such as Workflow step or Due date, you can hide them to have a clear view of what's important for you.

    Click above the content items list on the right and unselect the columns you don't need.

    What's next?